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This website is of and for women, our families, and our society.  The information gathered here would not be possible without the contributions of individuals sharing what they know and are learning along the way.

The Challenge to grow and blossom for many means redefining what life experiences can mean and seeing purpose where once there was disillusionment or pain.  We all have something to share.  Share what resources, articles, connections nourished you as a single mom, a teenager, helped you to survive cancer, intimate partner violence or simply brought joy, better health and greater connection into your life.

Together we are strong and by learning from each others’ experiences may we witness our collective strength and beauty.

How to Contribute to this Website:

1. Offer what you know.  Contact blog host with any community or private resources you would like to share.  This could include anything from a public health event offering reduced price pap smears to a women’s circle, to grant opportunities to safe havens.  Please do your best to investigate/research the opportunities you wish to share so that we may provide the most accurate, relevant and safe information.

2.  Share this website with your community.  Link to us, mention us on facebook or to your friends directly.  If you work with women, feel free to use us as a resource.  We will be keeping up to date on all sorts of programs, vital resources and opportunities of interest locally as well as globally.

3. Treat your fellow earth beings with deep respect.  We are all sisters and brothers.  Surround yourself as much as possible with people who respect and honor you!

4.  Offer your expertise.  I am a beginner and would welcome feedback to make this site more accessable and fun!

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